Disney Kids Readers Toy Story 3 Pack Level 4

Mo Sanders

Disney Kids Readers Toy Story 3 Pack Level 4



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Disney Pixar Kids Readers Toy Story 3 Pack Level 4 Discover the magic of stories: Read and learn with Disney friends. With the brand-new Disney Readers series, young learners can build their reading skills with the help of engaging Disney stories and characters they know and enjoy. ? Created to be used both at school and at home ? Helps young learners expand their reading in a fun and motivating way ? Audobook, extra learning content and activities included ? Aligned to the Global Scale of English and Common European Framework ? Lexile text measure 460 Andy is going to college and his toys are afraid! Their new home is very different - the children don't know how to play with toys, and some of the new toys are not friendly... Can Woody help them find a better home? Can they, like Andy, have a happy, new life? Your Reader comes with an audiobook on the Pearson English Portal based on an Access code. Your Reader also comes with Teacher resources on the Pearson English Portal based on an QR code. Re-told by: Mo Sanders.

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