Focus 1 2nd Edition Workbook

Rod Fricker, Anna Osborn, Angela Bandis

Focus 1 2nd Edition Workbook



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In Focus Second Edition, we have taken the very best of Pearson's top-selling title for upper-secondary students and brought it right up to date. Thanks to feedback received from Focus users from all over the world, the course now offers the following: ? Rich multimedia ? Extensive exam preparation ? Enhanced learning experience Workbook ? Lesson by lesson practice mirrors the Student's Book. ? Word Store sections provide further practice of the respective sections in the Student's Book. ? Remember this and Remember better boxes contain useful strategies for memorising words and structures. ? Show What You've Learnt and Show That You've Checked features help assess one's progress and reflect on one's learning. ? Self-check sections verify how well the unit objectives have been achieved. ? Grammar: Train and Try Again contains grammar practice for specific lessons as well as cumulative revision. ? Vocabulary bank and practice sections consolidate the Student's Book vocabulary around exam topics.

Carti de acelas autor: Rod Fricker, Anna Osborn, Angela Bandis

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